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About Sydney Dreads

Hey, I’m Ellie, I do dreadlocks across Sydney.

I have been doing dreadlocks for over 5 years.

My work is 100% natural. I don’t use wax or perm products. I only use a crochet hook.

I am also a qualified hairdresser and colourist with over 9 years experience.

I am based in Holsworthy.

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Sydney Dreads contact info:
Phone: 0422 161 221
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 8am-6pm
Location: Holsworthy

Sydney Dreads Prices

Below are the dreadlock service price list:
– Dreadlock Maintenance from $140
– Dreadlock Reconstruction from $250
– Dreadlock Creation from $350
– Dreadlock Colouring from $100
– Dreadlock Extensions price upon request.
– Dreadlock Removal $70ph
– Detangling Matted Hair $70ph

To receive a price estimate of the service or to book an appointment, please send a recent portrait picture of yourself with your hair out to or 0422 161 221.

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Sydney Dreads Services

Below are more information about Sydney Dreads services.

Dreadlock Maintenance

It is recommended to have your dreadlock maintenance every 6-10 weeks to grow healthy dreads.

New dreads should have their maintenance done more often until they mature: every 2 months.

Dreadlock maintenance, when done regularly, generally takes 2-3 hours approx.

I only use my crochet hook to maintain your dreadlocks. I don’t use wax or products.

The prices below are for medium sizes dreadlocks that are maintained regularly (every 3-4 months).

Dreadlock Maintenance Price
Half-Head (man bun) $140
Full Head $180

To receive a price estimate, please send a recent portrait picture of yourself with your hair out to or 0422 161 221. Also, let me know when was the last time you had your dread maintenance.

Click here to learn more about my Dreadlock Maintenance Services.

dreadlocks maintenance in Sydney

Dreadlock Reconstruction

Do your dreadlocks have bumps or hoops? Do you have a lot of frizzy hair and you want it crochet back in the dreads? Do you want to separate your dreadlocks or join some together? Has it been a while since your last maintenance?

You will need my Dreadlock Reconstruction service.

Dreadlock Reconstruction from $250

dreadlocks repair in Sydney

Dreadlocks Creation

Do you want to start dreadlocks? You have the choice to create dreadlocks with your own hair or with extensions.

If you would like to start dreadlocks with your own hair, you will need at least 15cm of hair.

Below is the price list for medium size dreadlock creation with your own hair:

Dreadlock Creation Price
Half Head (around 5h) $350
Hair above shoulders (around 6h) $420
Hair below shoulders (around 9h) $630

Do you want to add extensions to your hair to have longer dreadlocks? My Dreadlock Extensions start from

Dreadlock Creation with Extensions Price
Half Head – Human Hair Ext. $990
Full Head – Human Hair Ext. $1490

To receive a price estimate, please send to or 0422 161 221:

  • a recent portrait picture of yourself with your hair out.
  • a few pictures of the dreadlock style (thickness) that you have in mind.
  • let me know if you would like to add hair extensions or start with your own hair.

Are you ready to start dreadlocks? Click here to learn more about my Dreadlocks Creation services.

Sydney Dreadlocks Creation

Sydney Dreadlocks Extensions

Sydney Dreadlocks contact info:
Phone: 0422 161 221
Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 8am-6pm
Locations: Holsworthy

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